Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday at the BoO

Good morning Eugene Melnyk. The Sens woke up today in 10th place tied with the Leafs. You must be wondering what the hell your hockey people are doing with all your money? Shameful.
On the bright side, your dream of owning the Leafs may never come true but you could dump your Kanata club and buy the next Toronto NHL team. Could there be a more bullet-proof investment in all of sports? No Government bail outs necessary here...


Speaking of shame, the Ducks didn't record one shot in regulation after the 7:40 mark of the second period last night. No shots for well over the last half of the game. I don't know whether to be proud of the Leafs or sick in my stomach that Brian Burke will be our GM in a few months.


Damien Cox wouldn't piss on MLSE if it was on fire, but Ron is apparently his guy. Sens fans will especially like the part about Sundin. Again.


The Leafs have only 5 points on the season and there are plenty of underachieving teams below us in the standings, which means the Tavares hunt is alive and well. Which begs the question, was Ron Wilson looking for an edge last night by putting an ice cold Joseph in for the shootout, or did he read this line in the paper yesterday afternoon:

Fingers crossed.

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