Thursday, October 23, 2008


I know. I'm sick of this neverfuckingending saga just like the rest of you, but since he's actually picked up his jock strap and is working out it might be OK to speculate.

Here are some of the teams allegedly interested in his services and their available cap space (source

Murray has made enough stupid trades to get band-aid help part way through the last two seasons. Could this be his next? Mats may take a pay cut but to expect him to play for $3M is a stretch, especially for a team with no hope of a Cup. Ottawa would have to subtract from the roster once again.

DETROIT: $999,000
If Mats was going to take a major pay cut this might be the team to do it for. Not this much though. Detroit would have to make room. They have quality players to move more than most teams.


Same deal as Detroit, only less cap space. We're talking a major trade or buy-out to make room here. Hard to imagine them messing that much with a good thing, but if they want to compete with Detroit... I actually think this is the team Mats will sign with.

They could swing a small deals and get the cap room, but is another forward what Tampa really needs? From Mats perspective, what would be the motivation to go there? Can't see this happening at all.

They have the room. They want him. But they suck. At least so far. I like Ohlund as much as the next guy, but this is not a defence that wins cups. It's clearly not just about the cash or Mats would be there playing right now.

Like most teams fishing for Sundin, they don't have the bait. This one would make no sense to me at all.

I know they took themselves out of the running and picked up Robert Lang, but Lang makes $4M so if they really still want Sundin they could move that money somewhere. Doubtful, but you never know with Gainey.

We have the money. This is his home. He's still the captain. Say what you will about all that, I just don't see why the Leafs would pay $6-$7M for what will essentially be a rental player for the rest of the season. If the Leafs goal this season is to break this team down and build it back up and hopefully catch a top 3 draft pick for our trouble, than stick to it. I actually think he'll play in Ottawa before here if Ron Wilson has any say.

Here are some other teams and their cap space...


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