Thursday, October 02, 2008

Game day: All your playoff records are belong to Alfie

Sens are off to a "friendly" against Gothenburg-based Frolunda Indians. A perusal of their Wikipedia entry indicates a most familiar surname. From Stevenson's account of the recent Alfie "column dedication" at Scandinuvium arena:
"He really turned it up for the playoffs," said Fredrik Jonsson, an official with the Indians. "He made Frolunda one of the best club teams in the world.

"That was my first year here and I thought every year was going to be like that."

Dean Brown is also along for the tour and remarks that "we could have been on a trip to Sudbury".

Take that, Fodor's!

Meanwhile, Sens first round pick Erik Karlsson brings the smack:
"It's a game for the fans and we will do almost anything to win, then we can say we beat Ottawa, we beat an NHL team"

To get everyone else fired up, here's a lovely tribute to Swedish Death Metal:

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