Saturday, October 04, 2008

Game Day: Getaway in Stockholm

Wheeee! Here we go with some games of consequence. Sens (3-2-0 preseason) versus Pens (3-0-1) in a "home and home" on CBC 2:30 EST. Pregame is on the Team1200.

Make note of the opening day lineup, things will change rapidly as Craig Hartsburg attempts to fend off the onset of Paddockitis.

Scoring 1: Heatley ("A") / Spezza / Alfie ("C")
Scoring 2: Vermette / Kelly / Winchester
Energy/Pain: Ruutu / Foligno / Neil
Checking: McAmmond / Bass / Schubert

Injured: Fisher

Offensive Support: Kuba / Smith
Shut Down: Phillips ("A") / Volchenkov
Third Pair: Picard / Lee

Goal: Gerbs

Let's open it up with a 5-3 Sens victory (Alfie x2, Heatley, Ruutu, Kuba). Alfie returns home a Senator for life, the Pens reach for the Chaser as the hangover sets in.

We have no pump up music today, in silent protest against the CBC selling out the Hockey Night theme song. However, I do have some exclusive footage of Alfie heading to the morning skate*

*Warning: Alfie is Jesus. Do not attempt if you are not Alfie.

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