Friday, October 10, 2008

Right on Bremner, right on Front, left on Yonge...?

Speaking of First Blood, I just wanted to double check the directions for the cup parade. This development has of course set the bar uncomfortably high for the Sens home opener on Saturday night. Adding to the jitters, and possibly crippling my BoOB pool in the process, is the captain heading in for repairs. Sadly, this appears to be the only practical way to give non-Alfredsson surnamed right winger an honest try on the top line. I would have expected Jesse Winchester to move up, although the news release indicates Ruutu may actually have a go up there? I guess I'll have to reply with a Marge Simpson Noise for now. In any event, the line of Kelly, Vermette and Winchester was quite competent in the opening two games.

Here's how the rest might shake out:

Kelly / Vermette / Winchester
Schubert / Fisher (?) / Neil
Foligno / McAmmond / Donovan

Recall that third line put in a tremendous game last time the Wings were in town, setting the physical tone for what turned out to be the highlight of the season.

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