Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sens Holiday Thread

Between bruising end zone runs for last minute gifts and navigating the humiliating cattle chute that has become the modern airport, expect limited posting activity over the next week or so. I'll be flying in to YOW Christmas Eve, and expect to undertake a voluntarily embargo on computer access during the stay.

Here's an overview of what's ahead for the Mighty Sens:

Tonight - Hawks at Sens (Toews and Kane in for a rare visit)
Tomorrow - Sens at Rangers (Emery in tonight, Gerber tomorrow)
Boxing Day - Sens at Buffalo
December 27th - Islanders at Sens (yours truly will be in attendance - first game in ages)
December 29th, January 1st - home and home with the Capitals

What's on your gift list? I'd love to see Volchenkov back and blocking pucks, and of course a goalie for my listing BoOB squad wouldn't hurt either.

Sens 5, Hawks 3 - look for the return of the Big Line, Phillips makes Havlat's head bleed.

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