Friday, December 07, 2007

Game Night in Big D - Sens at Stars

Think the Sens are looking to see how they measure up against a tight-checking Western Conference poster children? I'm certainly curious. The ridiculous post-lockup schedule really doesn't allow for much inter-conference assessment, although given the long layoff they had before the Final beat-down at the hands of the Ducks, you have to think they reviewed the tape of at least a few of those late-night Pacific games.

Anecdotally (and perhaps statistically) the East is considered the weaker conference, although the otherwise mediocre Penguins have shredded the Northwest and Pacific divisions, going 6-1-0 in their hyped-up contests so far.

Sens in the last two and a quarter seasons against the West:

07-08: 0-1-0 (visit Pacific, host Central)
06-07: 4-5-1 (visit Central, host Northwest)
05-06: 5-2-3 (visit Northwest, host Pacific)

Note that the 05-06 swings had Poppy McGroin between the pipes, so a middling 9-8-4 record perhaps could have been worse.

Sens 3, Stars 1 (Alfie, Fisher, Vermette).

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