Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Game Day: Sens at Panthers (surely we can still get two points out of Jack Martin and co?)

The Sens look set to go with their "battler", Ray Emery to help get the team off of Skid Row.

In this dark and desolate stretch of the season, the list of Bumfights candidates is quite comprehensive, including:

1. Antoine Vermette: 2 points, -8 in the last month.
2. Randy Robitaille: scored 2 goals playing with Heatley and Spezza, passed out in an alley somewhere?
3. Chris Kelly: similar to his linemate, 2 points, -6 in the last month.
4. Mike Fisher (he's got the beard to go with this part of town): Goose eggs, -8 since the loss to TO.
5. Dean McAmmond: I hate to pick on a guy whose bell's still ringing, but nary a goal in 16 games back.

So who will pull themselves up by their bootstraps tonight? Can those who are unable to make a valuable contribution on the ice be reassigned to other make-work duties such as picking up pop bottles out of 417 drainage ditches, or updating the player blog?

Sens 6, Panthers 0. Alfie x3, Fisher, McAmmond, Robitaille. Vermette / Kelly aces on the penalty kill. Foligno drops the mitts with Nathan Horton after cranking up "Youth Gone Wild" on his pregame iPod shuffle.

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