Saturday, December 01, 2007

Game Day Thread (The Main Event): Leafs-Pens

Well, Thursday's harangue worked wonders so here's another edition. The Leafs are 1-6-1 after wins which just underlines how frustratingly inconsistent they can be. Lately these matchups have featured lots of goals, momentum swings, and Leaf losses in OT/SO. Hopefully things will change for the better. Muppet, feel free to add to this because I tossed this together quickly (can you tell?) and just to ensure that something pushed Jay's down.

Here are the highlights from the last time these two teams met. In one of the team's best performances of the year Jiri Tlusty burst onto the scene with two goals including one off of his ass prompting a Giggles-like quotation about how he felt it a little bit in his behind and then it was in the net.

Predictions: Leafs 5 - Pens 3 Bell with his first as a Leaf, Sundin, Antropov, Tucker, Wellwood.

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