Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Game Day: Leafs v. Predators

The Leafs host the Predators tonight and you can try out your guessing skills at Leaf Nation's official game day thread.

If you want to bicker with sens fans and haven't gotten enough since Sunday and Monday were pretty tame then stick around here and laugh with glee as the Leafs stretch their winning streak to 3 games and cut the sens' lead atop the division to 6 points. Sure, there are games in hand involved but like sens fans like to point out; games in hand are not necessarily wins in hand. Especially when your team is reeling on the back of SIX STRAIGHT LOSSES.

Here's my question: why didn't they lose 4 straight to open the playoffs and save us all of the grief last Spring. After all, the Leafs did their part.

Anyway, the Predators are still very good despite having lost some stars - Paul Kariya, Peter Forsberg, Tomas Vokoun, Scott Hartnell, Kimmo Timonen- because, shock of all shocks, they work hard. How successful has the adoption of the hard-work ethos been? Radek Bonk is the team's leading scorer. Yes, the Radek Bonk that was absolutely useless as anything else than a checker for the Habs.

Also, Scott Nichol is suspended for cross-checking Patrice Brisebois in the face. I know Nichol is no logician but you generally want to hurt the opposition's good defencemen and not guys nicknamed Breeze-by. Or at least wait until you play the Leafs to take out the bottom rung defenceman.


Leafs 6
Predators 1

Poni x2, Sundin x2, Antropov, Kaberle - Sundin also fights Tootoo after the runt tries to elbow him in the end and glides off of the ice with 22's head clutched by the hair as his body twitches in the corner.

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