Thursday, May 11, 2006

The start of the greatest comeback in 30 years

Start of the game: Good first couple of minutes. Wow - they didn't let Buffalo pass on the 2 on 1!

The first goal of the game! I've heard of those before.

Mid first - Emery stands tall after a great PK. That breakaway stop could be huge if the Sens can score on this PP - they'll loosen up with one more goal.

After the 5 on 3: this isn't going to be easy.

End of the first - 20 bucks says Cherry shows the 2 on 1 were Phillips prevents the pass.
After CC - I'm glad nobody took me up on that bet. I'm going to need that money for Rd 3 tickets.

Start of 2nd: Emery is as confident as ever - he's storming out of the net on these shots.

End of second: Alfie's miss on the 2 on 1 - could have been huge but instead they come back and score the tying goal. He's so due.

Intermission: If Ottawa wins this game God I promise I won't make fun of Aki Berg again.

2 to 1: The Sens cannot sit on this - full press guys.

Huge PK coming up. I gotta go pee!

5 left
4 left - great shift by the 4th line.
2 left - great save by Emery!
1 left - another great save!

They did it!

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