Thursday, May 04, 2006

Afraid to lose

Watching the game last night I was reminded what it was like to watch the Sens 4 or 5 years ago against the Leafs. The Flames were afraid to lose. They weren't skating and as a result any attempt to play aggressive or generate offense was hidden. They looked like they simply weren't trying.

That's what some success in the regular season and high expectations can do to a team that hasn't experienced it before.

Now, before I hear the baying of Leaf Nation, the Senators did over come that in 2002/03 when they went to game 7 of the Eastern final. The game 7 win by Toronto in the first round the following year was not a result of the type of play we saw last night. If Kiprusoff was in net for Ottawa in that game, it would have been Pat Quinn that would have been shown the exit.

Anyway, for you Flames supporters that still want to participate in these playoffs as fans - unlike the 'hockey fans' in Toronto who haven't realized they didn't cancel the post-season due to the Leafs absence - come and join us. You don't even have to change the colour of your shirts.

As a bonus, we actually score goals - a lot of them in fact.

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