Friday, May 12, 2006


Some people seem to think that Emery's performance last night - and even his play the night before - has earned him the right to take this team into tomorrows and any future do or die game.

I disagree.

The outcome of the first four games of this series have been a coin toss each time. It's as if these people are willing to accept the probability of getting three more of these to land the same way. (1/8 or 12.5%) I don't want to accept that.

The series dynamic needs to change and the only way that the Senators can create that change is by putting Hasek between the pipes.

I understand the risk associated with playing Hasek. He's a 40 year old tender coming back from a recurring injury who hasn't played in months.


I believe the Ottawa Senators have the ability to dominate the Buffalo Sabres if the Sens can play to a man up to their talent level. If having Hasek behind them on the ice can loosen up the players to bring them to that level the Sens can win this series.

You aren't making the change to hope for more saves. You are trying to change the team by making this switch. I think it's well worth the risk considering the odds they face with the status quo.

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