Monday, May 15, 2006

Emery deserves blame

Some common theme has been to say "Emery is not the reason the Senators lost". Well, when I look at this goal, when the Sabre player has the puck at the goal line and is cutting out, and I see the worst poke check attempt I've seen leaving himself in no position to make any save if it doesn't work, I disagree.

Mind you, Alfredsson should have at least dove and took a tripping penalty when he got beat.

Anyway, I make take this video off after a while as it's hard to watch but, for now, look at Emery's attempt at stopping this.

Who are the free agent goalies? Joseph, Nabokov, Turco, Legace, Roloson - hell, if Keenan wants a top forward (Alfie), a top 4 defenceman (Phillips) and Emery for Luongo go for it.

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