Saturday, January 01, 2011

GDT: Toronto @ Toronto (with special appearance by the Ottawa Senators on the home bench)

Senators suck.

Leafs suck.

Who sucks more? We'll find out tonight.

Senators lead the series 2-1, having taken the last two with 3-2 and 3-0 wins. 7 goals for each team thus far.

Carkner-Orr V hasn't happened in the last two games with Orr taking the last tilt in biassed fan voting on The best comparable beyond that is tilts againt Derek Boogaard, consensus toughest fighter in the NHL. Boogaard defeated Orr handily and was shortly thereafter, in the last game he has played this season, KO'd by Carkner who broke Boogaard's face.

Will it happen tonight? With Ottawa barely within reach of a playoff spot (I may become a theist if this happens), it's doubtful. Carkner is the Senator's most reliable defensive D-man whereas Orr's regular presence on the ice is proof that Wilson should be fired.

On the scoring front, Clarke MacArthur and Mike Fisher lead each side's scoring in this series with 4 points apiece (3G/1A for Fish, 2G/2A for MacArthur).

The teams are dead even at 2.28 Goals per game over the season, and the Senators hold a slight edge at 2.95 v. 3.00 GA/G for the whole season.

Kuba is back in for Lee which means Ottawa will likely lose.

Jason Spezza will not be in the lineup for the Senators with a long term shoulder injury. Leclaire remains a glass man. JS Giguere and Snoopy can spend the game comparing groin injuries.

PPP reports that Mitchel and Lebda are out for Toronto. with the full preview & comparison.

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