Sunday, January 30, 2011

Battle of the All-Stars

Kessel, last pick in the All-star player draft got some revenge against Team Karlsson (er, Staal), winning the All-Star game with Team Lidstrom whilst doing fuck all.

In other news from the All-Star weekend:

Ron Wilson the least favourite coach amongst NHL coaches.

Toronto is the 4th last place any player would want to play. (Didn't someone here say veterans want to play in TO? Hm... they don't agree!)

Orr narrowly edges Carkner in the toughest player. Boogard beats them both by a mile. Boogard - who destroyed Orr and was put out for weeks by Carkner.

And in the most confusing poll, the question asking which city deserves a team has Toronto placed 3rd for a "second team". Which is confusing given they haven't had a 'team' in 6 years.

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