Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Speaking of all-stars....

Bobby Butler, undrafted college sign-ee of the Ottawa Senators was declared MVP of the AHL All-Star game for a one goal, three assist effort.

Sure beats getting picked last!

Afterthought All-star addition Keith Aulie recorded the third hardest shot in the skills competition. Radar guns everywhere let out a collective yawn.


In real-game action, Colin Greening gets called up for his first pro game. He's pretty excited. It would seem he's more of an NHL ready type player than the skill-guys. At 6-3, 211 lbs his 21 points in 38 games are pretty impressive, but it is his two-way play that really stands out. The Senators need size and toughness and this guy has both.

And that's what's great about a true rebuild - getting to watch the young guys play with excitement but without the expectations of a playoff seed or anticipation of having your car vandalized by an average Leaf fan.

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