Friday, December 11, 2009

Preview - BoO Part III GDT: Now with live bloggy sweetness!

This is a preview for what we'll be seeing on the BoO every time the two participants share the ice. Click the "Read More" link below. I'll move this up the site on Monday, but consider yourselves notified!

The next installment of the BoO takes place this coming Monday night. While Leafs fans tend to gather at Pension Plan Puppets for their regular Leaf game weep in, and Senators fans have had the opportunity for some time to live blog Senators games over at Scarlett Ice, this installment brings the first opportunity to have real-time commenting for the games that bring the two sides of the Battle of Ontario together.

We'll open things up at 6:45 pm on Monday. Be patient if it's not working right off the bat. It's the first attempt at this and I think it's free-commenting (i.e., no comment approvals required), but it's not terribly clear. Anyone familiar with the program is welcome give pointers.

Note: I'll be pulling DHS's tweets in (unless objected to by DHS) and the BoO tweets. If any twitterers (is that a word?) from either side of the aisle are out there, let me know via the normal comments and I'll set them up to be pulled in to the live chat.

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