Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Double header Tuesday

The Sens play the late game (10:30 on Sportsnet) in San Jose. The BoC Sharks contributor Mike Chen gives his take on the return of Michalek and Cheechoo - mainly 'Cheech':
There aren't too many players where you can point to one injury that jacks up their entire career, but Cheechoo's dramatic fall from NHL glory seems to come almost exclusively from his double-sports hernia surgery following the 2006-07 season. He's just never been the same after that.
While Michalek will probably get warm applause, I'm guessing an outpouring of affection for Cheechoo, including the return of the famous "CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH" call and perhaps a few train whistles. You bust your ass for us, we'll always have your back.

We'll be watching Heatley of course - hopefully being given a ride by the A-train or Carkner.

In Montreal (7:30 on TSN), the Leafs look to get to 20pts on the year. It's really unlikely as they suck so bad.
One of the guys from Four Habs Fans says: "Whatever happened to that whole truculence thing?"
Well, I'd say they got part of it down. Linking those to wins is the problem.
Taking a quick glance at some stats, the Leafs may end up being the first team since the 2002-2003 Blue Jackets to have more fighting majors than points in a season. Congrats!

Also, the Leafs as the Stones I get, but Trust? Bad.

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