Friday, December 04, 2009

Coach of the year?

I remember when Brian Burke was on The Hour when the Leafs were 7 miserable games deep into the season and Strombo asked him if Ron Wilson's job was at risk. As Burke had also told reporters, panelists and probably a few others at the time:


Well, the title of this post is intended to get Sens fans backs up, but the truth is when you look at how the Leafs have been playing for the last month or so and then you read a quote I've pasted below, one does wonder if Wilson could have a chance of taking home the Jack if the team keeps this up and does the unthinkable - makes the playoffs?

"If they play at this pace they're going to get in the playoffs," Hitchcock said. "They look like a team that's starting to figure out the balance between offence and defence.

"They're quick. They get on you quick. It just looks like to me there's a coordination on the checking side that Ron (Wilson) has wanted. The team looks exactly the same way as San Jose when Ron was there, checking-wise."

Nicely said big man. Nicely said.

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