Monday, December 07, 2009

Leaf Nation

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for over a month in Southeast Asia. It wasn't easy wrangling that much time off from work, but luckily I'm a Leaf fan and my boss seems to like me. The trip will take me to Thailand, Vietnam and if we have time Cambodia. I'm going to attempt to find a Leaf game on TV somewhere in one of those countries. I'll document my efforts and try and get here to post how this is going, or just put something together when I get back.

A few Things:

1. Five-O you'll really have to hold the Leafs side of this thing together brother!

2. Leafs are 5-2-1 in their last 8 and the Sens 1-4 in their last five. I really hope that trend continues while I'm away.

3. If for some reason, I never make it back (we are doing some trekking in Vietnam), know that I don't really hate the Sens or Sens fans that much. They're the teams score I check right after the Leafs. Wait. I do that because I want to enjoy them losing. Never mind then, I do hate the Sens. Fans are OK though...

Talk soon...

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