Wednesday, February 01, 2012

We'll do it for Johnny. We'll do it for Johnny!

Read this story.

Made me think of this movie. 

That's all I got. Leafs get 3 points out of a home and home with Pittsburgh. Some will argue we should have gotten four, but fuck it, be happy, we're actually trending* towards making Mr Bower one happy ACC customer. 

*Please understand that this is not a guarantee. Daniel Alfredsson once made a guarantee, and look how stupid Daniel Alfredsson looked? Do I want to look as stupid as Daniel Alfredsson? Hell no! Nobody wants to look as stupid as Daniel Alfredsson did when he said that. Not even Daniel Alfredsson would. If the present Daniel Alfredsson could get into a time machine and go back in time,  he would definitely grab the 2004 Daniel Alfredsson and say, "Daniel Alfredsson, don't say that, you will look really stupid".

THM Correction
 "Nobody wants to look as stupid as Daniel Alfredsson did when he said that [in the middle of the playoffs]"

Except one guy!  Yes, one fellow really looked up to Daniel Alfredsson.  He saw the power of Alfie's leadership and it stuck with him for three long years.   Three long years, that is, in which he did not have the chance to play a playoff game.  So on April 14th, 2007, sitting in a local Toronto diner 9 days after being eliminated from playoff contention and 7 days after his last game played in a Maple Leafs jersey, in a conversation with legendary Sun journalist (yes, they used to have some of those) George Gross, this fellow had to say the following:

"But I will tell you one thing," he said emphatically. "The Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup while I'm still with the team. [emphasis added]
This is like THM guaranteeing he'd win the OFSAA football championship while  still with the high-school team he played for17 years ago.

So who was this guy making the emphatic statement, out of the playoffs and without contract, only to head off to play a secondary role for Team Riot?  If you don't remember his name, drive down to Lakeshore and Lower Simcoe.  You'll find him there

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