Thursday, February 02, 2012

Kadri v. Turris II

We've already compared failed Cup guarantees from BoO captains (no comment from Leaf fans on that whole episode), so now it's time for an update on Kadri v. Turris I.

A few things to note:  both have slipped in PPG, +/- and FO% (it was too much trouble to segregate Turris' PHX v OTT FO%, so we'll leave it as is).  Turris, however, has increased his category lead count to 8 by adding a goal, and a realbeauty off a feed from Alfie against Boston.

It is going to be very interesting to see the progression of former 3rd overall pick Turris, and guaranteed Calder Trophy winning Kadri (theme!)  over the next few games. 

Oh wait.


  1. I like how you consider taking more PIM a good thing. You also completely overlook ice time. And who said Kadri would win the Calder?

  2. Why are you comparing a guy who was drafted 2 years before the other?

  3. Wow, you can actually see the steam rising off this pile of doo-doo.
    Weak comparison buddy. Keep on trolling OP.