Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome to the future...

...where Leaf fans are still delusional and Burke is beginning Round 3 of "Truculence and Belligerence" instead of "skills that help you score and prevent the other team from scoring".

However, some things do change or improve!

If you've come here from a smart phone, you've already figured it out. If not, fire up that QR barcode reader and have a go of this little puppy.

You'll still have access to the full site via a link at the bottom of each page, but this will help your phone or iSteveJobsMindControlDevice render the pages faster on first approach.   Feel free to copy-post this barcode on any page you're hosting/visiting which may relate to this little blog.

We now take you back to the 3 year losing streak of Ron Wilson.


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