Thursday, June 23, 2011

Draft day open thread

Ok, so with centre and captain Mike Richards being traded from Philadelphia to the Los Angeles Kings for Brayden Schenn, Wayne Simmonds and 2nd round draft pick, the rights to Brad Richards and the trade value of Jason Spezza went way, way, WAY up. B. Richards and J. Spezza are each worth substantially more to their respective teams that Mike Richards was to Philly in terms of total overall contribution to net team success. (Read the last part before you object, leafers)

Rumours had it that the Blue Jackets were chasing Spezza hard, but Murray wisely said "GFY".

That puts us into an interesting situation come Draft Day Friday. Do the Sens deal Spezza for a major (MAJOR) draft pick haul? Do the Leafs cough up group of quality product (I know... I know... hold it in Senators fans and realists) for the rights to Dallas' go-to-guy?

Whatever the case, there will be much debate about the quality and wisdom of each team's picks. Use this thread to bash the selection of the other team or to admire the adept manipulation of late picks for higher choices.

It should be a little more exciting here than trade day (Dear Unicorn, let's hope so!)

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