Saturday, June 25, 2011

Senators, Leafs and THM upgrade

Draft day 1 passes and draft day 2 slowly winds its way down. Both Ottawa and Toronto made moves in the first round with both picking up an extra first founder.  Four in total if one counts the acquisition of Filatov, a 2008 sixth overall pick.  T dot made a nice grab of JML.  But that's about as good as it gets for them.

So what's this about THM's upgrade?. New Android phone with Blogger. So here's hoping this publishes ok. Future postings may be weird for a bit, but at least you'll know why.   

Don: another Blogger page I use allowed me to enable a mobile version of a site. Can you do the same here?

Back to hockey talk:. Clearly Ottawa has a better haul from this draft in terms of prospects. It will be a few years before one can judge the long term results so attention now turns to off season trades and more immediately UFA  day ON July 1.  

One final question on drafting to quell anti Murray sent
iments: who traded up to draft this year's MVP?

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