Monday, April 11, 2011

Make that Three (or is it four?)

Reimer, Schenn and Phaneuf all heading to the world's for Team Canada. MacArthur is on standby, meaning perhaps that there are forwards ahead of him who have yet to give a yes or a no.

Kessel was invited to the USA team, but has said no. Sadly for the US, he is the highest scoring US forward available to play but Phil says he needs rest. I have mixed feelings about this, personally. You should play for your country. I would. So would any of you. Kessel won't be the only player to say no this year.

Grabovski and Kulemin both will represent their country's. As will Holzner and Mueller and Mikus from the Marlies.

It's not known if Sjorstrom, Gustavsson, Brown or Komisarek are heading for their respective teams yet, but all are rumoured as possibilities.

That's a good amount of Leafs playing in a pretty decent tourney. How many would make their Olympic teams right now? None from Canada, I'm afraid.

So far from the Sens all I've heard is Spezza. Somebody chime in if you know more than that.

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