Wednesday, April 06, 2011

$50 That's what THM owes Muppet from our year long bet. Each team had a $50 playoff/no-playoff bet against them so debt-cancellation comes into effect. However, the Leafs did finish higher in the standings and I lost that one. Phew. Limited damage to the wedding account. Muppet - contact me via email and we'll work out how to get you your dough. I'm writing this from a make-you-stupid phone (a.k.a. iPhone) that I've borrowed from a colleague. You see, the largest departments of the Feds have been under massive cyber attack from citizens of large emerging locales most directly, say, to the left of us on a globe. Ours, and one other department especially. As such, only designated kiosks are available for 'net access for very particular sites and internet usage from home is necessarily also restricted as it's provided by the office. So, now you know why I'm not around much these days. As for hockey. Good on the Leafs for a drive that has them - once again, not making the playoffs by a point or two. It's been a while. As for this Kessel v. Spezza thing, Kessel is 1/4 the player Spezza is. I've had a cursory look at the hard data and it's apparent there has been no player in the NHL better than Spezza these last 6 weeks. Kessel doesn't come close - he's a 30 goal scorer along for the ride. If that guy is worth 2 first rounders, than Spezza would fetch 10. Hall of Fame respect to Alfie, but this is Spezza's team going forward. I wouldn't be surprised if Alfie transferred the 'C' in September. In fact, I'd love Alfie that much more. Also, I'm pretty sure Phaneuf is the biggest pussy in the NHL.

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