Saturday, April 02, 2011

Battle Game #6 - Dear Sens fans and Hockey Gods...

Has there ever been a game where BoO fans agreed on the same desired outcome? Is this the first time in our vicious history that we actually both want the Leafs to win and the Sens to lose?

A Leafs win keeps our wafer-thin playoff surge still surging.
An Ottawa loss keeps the Sens in the mix for the 3rd overall pick.

Or is it that simple for Ottawa fans? Is there still enough piss and vinegar running through your veins that you would gladly give up a spot or two in the draft just to rip the Leafs and their fans from this fairy tale? Is there enough hate that you would chew off your noses just to spite your own face? Do let us know.

An Ottawa win tonight could mean the 5th overall pick. Not so bad, the Leafs got future Norris-winner Luke Schenn in that same spot. However a loss keeps your chances of moving up two spots to 3rd overall quite alive, with a slim crack at 2nd. I know if I was an Ottawa fan it would be a tough call, but I would make the right one. This season means nothing anymore.

The Leafs on the other hand, could do what no Leaf team has done since 1959, and that is come back from 7 points back with 5 games to play and make the playoffs. That edition of the Leafs won the Stanley Cup. This edition won't. But it would be something else for this team and the city of Toronto to taste playoff hockey featuring our own jerseys again. I won't lie to you - I'm still on my knees and praying for the stars to align.

Leafs win + Hurricanes and Sabres loss.

As I type this last sentence I get down on one knee and pray to the hockey overlords.
Keep the dream alive.

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