Thursday, February 10, 2011

How do you signify a rebuild?

Well, you trade your untouchables.

Assistant Captain and long time Ottawa Senator heart-and-soul favourite Mike Fisher has been traded to his 2nd home in Nashville. Muppet has suggested this is a really bad move and we should be disappointed in Murray for landing only a 1st round pick this year and a conditional 3rd next year. Well, while Burke is trading away his best (snicker) defenseman for a marginal, perpetually injuried mid-20 goal journeman while picking up salary, Murray effectively opens a huge door for 1) taking on a massive salary of a pending, underperforming UFA with picks to ride and 2) making a large gap to take ON salary by pitching hard for a UFA this summer or next. Burke will have some competition.

Fisher has always worked hard, often underperformed, but always made a difference both on the ice and in the community. He will be missed for more than just his hits and gritty play.

Ottawa now has two 1st rounders in this draft. No, 1st round draft picks don't always measure up (cough, cough, Kadri), but the odds are better when you have several first round picks (cough, cough Toronto). That they are in the same year is a bonus. To be sure, these will be either combined to move up to #1 or #2 or traded for - a la Rundblad - for a well developed forward prospect.

Let's hope Nashville tanks this year and scores a 3rd round performance next year.

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