Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Calder Trophy winner that never was

In the first wise move of the season by Blowhard Burke, the Leafs demote the never-should-have-been-promoted-in-the-first-place Nazem Kadri.

Ottawa loses its best centreman to an injury (f$#k you, Letang!) and Toronto loses its best centreboy to giving-up-hope.

Here's a little fun:

Google Image Searching of "nazem kadri soother picture" brings up the following:

The Expected:

The Allegorical:


The Pleasantly Surprising:

The 22nd image is one of THM's own, wrought from an investigation into one of our favourite commenter's silly practices (see bottom of post).
Muppet saves some cash with this move as the Calder bet trigger is now out of the works. It's down to $50 for whomever finishes higher in the standings. Neither team is going to make the 'show', so now it's regular season pride, I'm afraid.

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