Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Well, the title sums up the feelings of most Senators fans having watched the Senators fend off nearly 6 minutes in late 3rd period penalties.

The folks over at PPP actually think Toronto out-played Ottawa most of the night.  This isn't difficult whence one ignores the power-plays, 5 on 3s and 6 on 4s, but what is interesting is that the Leafs appeared to improve shortly after Phaneuf was injured while attempting to board Peter Regin in the second.  

Interestingly, this came just after the first intermission impromptu press conference by Burke to complain about fans booing Phaneuf.    Wait... haven't we been through this before?    Maybe it's an act by Phaneuf to get some sympathy.    Or maybe the booing was by upper-bowl fans upset that they couldn't occupy the almost empty lower bowl.  Even the old guy with the bleached goatee was missing from behind Ron Wilson.   

All in all, it was a decent result by the Senators (3-1-0 over the last 4) over the Leafs (1-3-0).  No gloating, there's work to be done.

Addendum:   MLSE is now employing Elisha Cuthbert to deliver injury updates via twitter.  Bookmark it and barf every time you think of the knuckle-dragger calling her 'baby'.

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