Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Game Day Thread: Distance makes the heart grow darker....

I don't like looking at the standings and seeing Ottawa ahead of Toronto. So what if the Leafs have a game in hand, it's still an ugly way to usher in the morning. I'd like to see this change and the next two days provide the Leafs with that opportunity.

First up:

TONIGHT: Toronto @ Tampa + Atlanta @ Ottawa.

Frankly, I would rather play the Thrashers than the Lightning. Which brings up an interesting debate - who has had the tougher schedule so far this season? I think the Leafs have had it slightly tougher but not by much. Ottawa have a hell of a "next 5" after tonight that I don't envy, but Toronto's isn't much easier as both teams host the Canucks. Who wants to play the Canucks right now?

Man, I got nothing to say today. Real busy at work and at home.
So here's a picture of Minka...

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