Monday, November 29, 2010

Gerber baby!

Sens face their old teammate tonight as Mr Gerber gets the start for the Oilers.

Elliot gets the start again for the Sens after his shutout of the Leafs. Obviously if Leclaire had of started on Saturday we'd be talking about him playing after shutting out the Leafs. Heck, if Karlsson was playing in net on Saturday I guess he'd get a 2nd start to follow up on his Leaf shutout.

How bad are the Oil this year?

Well - their GF/G is actually a bit higher than Ottawa (26th in the league btw) but their GA/G is a league high atrocious 4.3 on the road. (Probably the worst PK in the league by a big margin (67%) is a big part of that.

Obviously, it's a game where the Sens need to bank 2 pts and move back to .500 again.

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