Tuesday, September 14, 2010

GAME DAY THREAD! Diaper Edition.

It's been a while since we could say a BoO game is on tap. So what if it's a collection of prospects in a game with no real bearing, it's a hockey game!

Chicago and Pittsburgh play today at 2pm so at this point we're not sure if the Ottawa/Toronto game is for first place or second. The way the Hawks have played, I think the safe bet is on the latter but you never know.

Getting line-ups for this thing might be a task. If anybody can find them before the game starts do drop them in the comments. Leafs-wise, it does look like Kadri & Mueller will play and Keith Aulie will make his first start on the blueline as he was only recently cleared to play. Aulie vs Cowen will be fun to watch.

What else can one say about a meaningless game that will be forgotten in a few days as real camp starts and exhibition games get under way?

I guess it's still the BoO and I think both sides will enjoy a victory.

If you're away from the broadcast range, MapleLeafs.com will be showing the game on tape delay starting at 8pm.

Prediction: Leafs 6 Ottawa 2. Kadri with a pair.


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