Thursday, September 23, 2010

A comparison of bottom feeder draft picks.

Nazem Kadri is supposedly the greatest future prospect of any team taken in the 2009 and 2010 draft years. This has been demonstrated to be a well held belief amongst the drones of Leaf Nation.

According to Muppet, Kadri will be the Calder trophy winner if he plays 60 or more games. Notwithstanding the huge insult this is to Taylor Hall, Tyler Sequin and many, many other high picks and sleepers about to commence their official rookie year, Kadri has shown zip, zilch, nada, nothin' to suggest that Muppet's belief is correct.

My mockery of Muppet's fear to make a straight-up, unconditional Calder/No Calder bet is well documented in this blog. From what I've seen, I'm ready to acquiesce to the wise reluctance to take this.

While we're only a few games into the pre-season, I thought this comparison of Edmonton's 2009 1st pick (10th overall) and Toronto's 2009 1st pick (7th overall) might help observers decide if the Kadri Konfidence level is warranted.

*Shoot-out goals are not counted in goal stats. On that matter, here's a great comment by article 1 on PensionPlanPuppets. I would wholeheartedly agree with this based on observations at the NHL level and from the World Juniors.

What do you think, Muppet: $50 side wager if I give you a 60 game minimum trigger on Kadri? That puts us at $200 max exchange.

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