Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WHC BoO Update

I was just saying in a reply to DC that I'm not all that fussed about the tourney, but what I AM is not that busy this week at the office.

So... here's a quick update of what the BoO players have been doing:

Gustavsson: 1-0 in net for Sweden.
Gunnarson:1 goal, +2.
Beauchemin: 0 points, leads Canada in ice time.
Kulemin: 2 assists for Russia (playing 15 minutes a game).
Grabovski:1 assist for Belarus.
Hanson: 0 pts +1 for USA.

As for Senator players, as far as I know Karlsson, Regin and Foligno are playing for their respective countries. If I missed anybody let me know.

Karlsson: 1 goal, +2
Regin: 1G 1A for Denmark and +1.
Foligno: 0 points and even +/-, playing about 15 min a game

All in all, not too bad for either team's players since it's only 2 games in.

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