Wednesday, May 05, 2010

In the 3rd round the Leafs select....

This is an article by Mike Ulmer that sheds some light on the draft positions of those players making some of the biggest noise in the NHL playoffs so far.

Read it here.

While the Leafs would love to have Kessel AND their first two draft picks this June, we maybe shouldn't discount what can be harvested from rounds 3 through 7. In other words the Leafs (and everyone else) still have a lot to benefit from the 2010 draft beyond the top ranked picks.


With the 7th overall pick the Maple Leafs select...

The OHL playoffs have wrapped up and what's not surprising is that the Spitfires were victorious with Taylor Hall as the tournaments leading scorer. What is perhaps surprising to everyone except maybe Bryan Murray and Brian Burke, is that Nazem Kadri finished 4th in scoring - only a handful of points behind Hall and yet he played 9 to 11 games less than anybody else around him on the list. He couldn't help his team get out of the 2nd round, in the end, but he certainly made his point - he's outgrown the junior ranks. Now lets hope he's busy right now, as I write this, putting on 15 pounds of Senator hate.

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