Monday, May 03, 2010

Canucks or Blackhawks?

I have Chicago in my pool going all the way but it would be pretty tough not to cheer for Vancouver to get through to the conference finals in the west. Burke and Nonis still have their fingerprints all over the team, they are of course Canadian and far enough away that no Sens or Leafs fan can honestly dislike them, and they've never won the cup, ever.

Chicago haven't won a cup since 1961 and you have to love how they play and the fans in Chicago most certainly deserve it for coming back to this team and supporting them so strongly. A series between them and Pittsburgh would be a dream series if you ask me, some of the youngest stars in the game fighting it out...

Based on the Sedin's who I can now see why Burke flew to Sweden to try and court had they become UFA's in July 2010, I think Vancouver may get through this series. It would be a great year for Vancouver who have had a lot to cheer about since the beginning of the Olympics.

So much for winning my pool though...

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