Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Thought For A Sunday Evening

The fact is that in the last calendar year plus four days, since Jan. 1, 2008, the Leafs have the better record. The Senators are 31-44-9, while in the same stretch the Leafs are 37-36-9. That has to be très embarrassing for the Sens, who made it to the Stanley Cup finals just 19 months ago.

Richard Griffin, The Toronto Star
I think that I would be safe (and that sens fans might even agree) in saying that the senators' "slump" isn't a slump anymore but rather an accurate reflection of how terrible the team has actually become. Right now, the sens sit in 26th overall in the league and are looking at drafting in the top five for the first time since Giggles became a gutless wonder. The senators actually have a pretty good record of drafting in the top 5 (and one great pick outside of it) but who might they select this summer and could that player actually fix the team's problems? Or will he be another Alexandre Daigle?

Also, while we are at it, what about Hartsburg? So you fire the coach or do you realize that the problem lies with the players? Who do you move out? What about Bryan Murray? He is after all the genius that built the Anaheim Ducks right? When does Eugene realize that this team is not actually going to turn it around and compete for the Cup as he hallucinated? And, while that may seem like a lot of questions, here is one more: Will senators fans continue to pay for tickets if the senators decide to tear this puppy down?

That's a lot to ponder on a Sunday night but feel free to take all Monday trying to deflect attention back to the Leafs.

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