Friday, January 09, 2009

Leafs Winning

Sure, they lost the game. Badly. However I went to sleep last night feeling more than satisfied with yesterday's events.

Lets start with the game result. The Leafs won, in the big scheme of things. We will not make the playoffs. Losses are what we should be cheering for. In fact I would be happy if we only won the remaining games against the Sens for the rest of the year. Tavares should be the goal here. The Thrashers won, so the Leafs gained two points. That's all that should matter.

Kaberle went on the record yesterday clearly stating he would waive his no trade clause. Hate to lose our best defenseman for the past 7 years, but lets face it, this adds options for Burke at deadline. Last year Philly were willing to send Carter for him. Maybe this year will present a similarly intriguing offer?

Toronto are tougher. Last time these teams met the Leafs got banged up. Not the case last night. If we're going to lose the game, at least we won the fights. Mayers shitkicking of Kostopolous was especially satisfying. Grabovski answering the bell and taunting the crowd is the makings of renewed rivalry and injects personality into this club, even if it cost him three games. I would prefer Burke acquires tough guys and role players through the UFA market this summer, but May was fun to watch last night.

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