Monday, January 12, 2009

The Gerber Era at a Close?

In a move that can only be said to be about 15 months too late Martin Gerber is probably going to be waived. A goalie that lost his starting job to a rookie because of 'the flu' during the Stanley Cup playoffs (after two bad losses) Gerber picked up a Stanley Cup ring as Chief Door Opener.

After that amazing playoff run he signed in ottawa where he managed to again lose his job to an unfancied goaltender. His role during the sens playoff run was upgraded to Executive Water Bottle Filler. Of course, what happened to Ray Emery next is public knowledge.

Once he recaptured the starting position after Emery's collapse he managed to lose it once more to career backup Alex Auld who showed him that goalie are allowed to use their gloves to make saves and do not have to stay on their goalline until the puck is shot.

But he's done way more than Toskala and shown way more promise in pressure situations (ummm opening the door quickly when players are trying to get off the ice?). Sure. Does this make the sens' rookie goalie Brian "the Force" Elliott?

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