Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tentative Decisions

Darren Dreger of TSN was talking about the possible UFA class of 2008 and he mentioned that teams might be lining up to offer Dany Heatley the maximum salary allowable. At $50.3M that translates to $10.06M. Heatley is definitely a good candidate for the maximum. He has back-to-back 50 goal and 100 point seasons. But if he wants that much then what does Giggles get for setting up most of those goals?

Emery is headed to arbitration and his comparables have recently signed contracts for upwards of $3M per season. Some tough decisions will be forthcoming for the sens. Personally, I'd keep Heatley over Spezza as Dany showed during Giggles' injury that he could handle the load by himself. Plus, Spezza on the open market would draw a treasure trove of assets.

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