Thursday, July 26, 2007

Return of the Mack and Look Who's Desperate

Glove tap to Alanah at Canucks and Beyond for finding out what sens old boy (SOB) Mike Comrie is doing. Surprise! It's Hilary Duff. Good for him. That Strawberry Quik diet (ie Strawberry flavoured cocaine for the innocent) is working wonders.

In other news, Kevin Lowe continues to be the only GM with the balls/sense of desperation/total lack of respect for the NHL's old boys' (NOBs) way of business to tender qualifying offers. This time it's Dustin Penner getting a 5 year, $21.5M offer. According to Irish Blues' new site,, the Ducks only have around $2M under the cap to match the offer. They can go up to 10% over the cap until training camp opens so they can match now and figure things out later. If SNiedermayer retires then it's no problem.

This is the situation I was anticipating and it's probably why Leapin' Lou didn't sign Souray before Parise went through arbitration. A GM that has pushed their team too close to the cap before signing his RFAs apparently needs to fear Kevin Lowe.

You decide which part of the post title refers to which protagonist.

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