Monday, February 13, 2006

Truce and Rumours.

By The Meatriarchy

What with the Olympic break upon us I am calling for a truce amongst the protagonists in the Battle of Ontario.

I will be cheering for Heatley and Redden as they play for our country, and I am sure the rest of you will be cheering just as hard for McCabe and Quinn to help bring home the gold.

In the meantime is Almo coming back to Toronto? I had a gut feel about this last week and now it has propped up as a rumour. It would be a cheap pickup more or less but does he bring anything more to the table than O'Neill or Czerkawski at this point?

Oh and the rumours of Arnason to Toronto for Andropov make no sense to me. We are short a top line winger, defenseman and on some nights a goalie. Adding another center doesn't make sense unless there is another trade in the works.


  1. It will be a weird feeling to actually hope the puck goes along the blueline on the PP to a waiting McCabe.

  2. But I guess we can all agree we'd like to see frustrated Sundin, Alfredsson, Hasek, Chara, Kaberle etc.

    I hope Hasek is good enough they keep him in net rather than Vokoun but bad enough to allow at least 3 goals or so in key games.

  3. While I'm happy that Antropov "might" be on his way out of Toronto, getting Arnason in return baffles me. All the press on this kid is that he's quite the head case and picks when and where he feels like giving an effort on a given night. While he has shown some upside, his attitude and effort are certainly not wanted nor needed.

  4. Sounds exactly like Antropov.

    Maybe a change of scenery could help both?

  5. of course only the Leaf component of Team Canada will have "heart" if we win...