Monday, February 27, 2006

I didn't start it

I was going to let the truce stand until at least tomorrow when NHL action resumed but since the Meatman started it I better return fire.

Looking at the schedule, it seems the Senators have the first week to get back into game shape. They play games against Pens and Caps on Wednesday and Thursday and then get to pad their stats when they play the last of the non-playoff teams on Saturday night.
The opposition that night, the lowly Toronto Maple Leafs who are led by the disgraced Pat Quinn, will be relying heavily on Bryan McCabe to turn his game around after a horrendous Olympics. After being selected for his offensive abilities, particularly on the powerplay, McCabe failed to garner a point and proved to be a defensive liability with a team worst plus/minus and spending the most time of any Canadian in the penalty box.
Fans of the Leafs will be wondering why aging captain Mats Sundin was able to put forth a solid effort for the gold medal winning Swedes in the midst of a mediocre Leaf campaign.
Fortunately for the team from Hogtown, they now have confirmation that Tellqvist is world class. Unfortunately, Quinn will stick with the ineffective Ed "I'll give you a BILLION dollars" Belfour while their playoff hopes become more and more distant.

For the gold medal winning captain of the Senators, Alfie looks to continue his stellar MVP season. The Senators sent a very large contingent to Italy including six defencemen and expectedly, they didn't all come back healthy. The resilient Dominik Hasek will nurse the effects of his injury giving Ray Emery some much needed work. These three games against the lesser clubs in the NHL are a blessing for those players coming back from Torino and for Emery.

It's good to be back.


  1. Pehaps Mats will let his teamates rub his "Golden Helmet" for good luck!

  2. I'm not sure which storyline I like more-- Mats Sundin leads team to victory, or Hasek's injury leaves team out of finals.
    Aging captain vs. gold-medal winning captain indeed!

  3. Don, your a cocky SOB!!! HAHA.I see you failed to Mention Redden was a nonfactor in the Olympics? He was absolutely horrible as well. He made it to Canada's blueline with the Puck but then forgot what sport he was playing and gave it up as usual. None of Canada's Defense played well.

    As for the Sens, I think you'll have a tough time the next few games, The Pens are rested only having 3 players at the olympics, their going to be hungry the last portion of the Season so I say the Pens will win Tomorrow night.

    Alfie MVP season, don we discussed this before he ain't a League MVP by any means. Sens MVP maybe, I'd put hasek in before him as you've seen how well the Sens have done with Emery. Without Hasek they are toast. Without Alfie, they could survive easily.

  4. Yoda'why don't you take your pissant comments over to the "battle of Pennsylvania"blog where you might find someone who really cares what you have to say!

  5. Whats the matter Duff, you can dish it out but can't take a little ribbing? I'm just here to stir up shit, if you got a problem with that then TFB.

    Is there a problem with me saying that the Penguins will Beat Ottawa? The sens had what 6 or 8 players in the Olympics? Then they go on a 3 game road trip? Thats going to be a tough hall especially when the teams their playing didn't have many players in the Olympics. Sure the odds are against Pittsburgh, I know that, I'm just supporting my team, I don't flip flop like most Sens fans do when the team is doing good or bad.

    So in the end, I'm going to stay here and piss you off to no end Duff cause your a dick that can't stand anyone disagreeing with you.

  6. Well the Sens pulled it off. Wasn't a pretty effort from Both Sides though there were moments for both Sides.

    Ottawa came out good early, Pittsburgh finished strong. Thought they may actually pull it off in the 3rd after some decent goals, lucky ones but not to bad.

    Sens need to pick it up though, they play like that against some of the top teams or in the playoffs they are going to have a tough time.

    Guess I owe Don a beer. Damn will have to travel to Ottawa to buy him one.

  7. The good news...The Sens get 2 points, even though I was not happy with the 3rd period, a win's a win.
    Even better news...Atlanta move into 9th ahead of Quinn's boys.
    BTW..Sens fans don't flip-flop and either do Leaf fans.
    We both have our problems: Sens worry about Hasek and whether he'll be healthy for the Stanley Cup run...Leafs worry about making the play-offs and how long the rebuilding phase will take...As a Sens fan, I prefer our problems.