Thursday, February 02, 2006

That's better

Not that I was worried when we were down 2-0.

With three tonight, the Sens have 17 SHG. Alfredsson with three points moves past Thornton into 2nd place.



  1. Good thing we had Hasek in nets..

  2. It's Pittsburgh. Don't get too excited.

  3. I dunno, 3 SHG? In one game? Even against Pittsbugh, that both gives something to get excited about, and provides an excuse for running up the score.

  4. Oh, I guess you can be proud that you beat up a team who has lost 14 of their last 15 games.

    Against Carolina, Philadelphia, Calgary, Vancouver, and Dallas (all cup contenders) the Senators are a woeful 2-7. But hey, be proud, you can beat Pittsburgh.

  5. The last two games were good in that they showed a substantially different Sens attitude.

    They played terrible 1st periods against the Devils and Pens and got down. And then something different happened. They battled back. The 2 and 3rd periods against the Devils were quality efforts and the same with the Pens.

    This is what they needed to start showing -- a willingness to fight back when they were down rather than just get an early lead and run up the score.

    In other good news, Heatley's getting fired up for the olympics. Hasek's looked like a mere mortal recently which is also good for TC.

    Spezza's looking erratic though.

  6. I think Staal will see action before Spezza should they need a forward.

  7. Staal and Spezza may or may not see action.Who cares who plays first.They are both on the same team called CANADA.Nice try Leafer!
    There will be more Senator players than Leaf players on Team Canada so there(nah nah poo poo)!
    Bye the way,I hope the Leafs make the playoffs so we can kick your butts once and for all.
    This years playoff slogan will be "Fuck the Cup,Bring on the Leafs".....

  8. "Fuck the Cup,Bring on the Leafs".....

    With that attitude you wonder why people outside ottawa would like the Sens. It's mostly the fans that is the reason I hate the Sens, plus the Ottawa Media.

    You all have no idea what goes on outside Ottawa and maybe Toronto. Your all so biased it's sad. There are other teams that are as good or better than Ottawa. There is life outside of Ottawa and Toronto!

    I'm a Penguins fan in Ottawa. I cheer for my team everynight even though I know they probably won't win. That doesn't bother me, there are better teams but I never give up on my team or the Stanley Cup.

    Your right though Duff, it is Team Canada. Whoever plays will be good as we have a huge selection of players to choose from and we have Heart & Talent. GO CANADA GO!

  9. "Bye the way,I hope the Leafs make the playoffs so we can kick your butts once and for all."

    I think ottawa needs to knock the leafs out 4 out of 5 years to even the score

  10. Seems the no name Leaf fan has the same attitude as I.Your Stanley Cup is to defeat the Sens 4 out of 5 years.This is your great achievement?To you 5-0 is your goal,not Stanley,and you say I have the problem.
    I have been predicting the Leafs won't make the playoffs since November .Most Sens fans would cheer for that because of the rivalry not because we are scared of you in the playoffs.It seems the Sens will have to go through Toronto before they get any respect.So bring it on(if you can)