Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Leafs 4 Thrashers 1

By The Meatriarchy

Despite the precarious hold on eighth place the Leafs have certainly played better over the past 6 games. Since the overtime loss to Montreal they have had points in all but one of those 6 matches and 8 out of a possible 12 points. Including the two badly needed victories over New Jersey and Atlanta.

The resurgence of Belfour as a decent netminder again has been the real key. That and the return of McCabe and the solid play of the AHL call ups have all combined to give the Leafs a more competitive on ice product.

And has Ponikarovsky finally made believers of all the skeptics? This guy has been one of the better players for the team all year.

The question mark right now is Jeff O'Neill. I would have thought Quinn would play him last night since he has done so well against Atlanta in the previous games. But nope, he didn't dress for the second straight game.

Two possibilities here. Quinn has finally grown exasperated with O'Neils indifferent play and is sending a message to him. Or O'Neill still has a nagging shoulder injury and they are letting him sit out this week to combine with the Olympic break and hopefully give him some healing time.

BTW has Aki Berg redeemed himself finally? He is a better defensman than most of us give him credit for.

In another story apparently some former players bet on football (which we all know that no one does).

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