Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The middle finger.

According to Nick Kypreos on twitter, the Leafs have put Jeff Finger on waivers.

Thanks to PPP for passing this on.

This move can mean/result in a few things:

a) That the Leafs are simply going to send him down and get him off the cap right now since he isn't playing anyway.
b) Toronto think a team will actually claim him.
c) Leafs have already decided that they will recall him knowing a team will definitely claim him.

Finger at half the salary will be picked up by somebody.

I actually think Ottawa grabbing him on re-entry is not out of the question. Surely Murray doesn't want Clouston using Carkner to kill penalties as he was on the weekend, and I think it was a Sens fan here that said Lee shouldn't be in the NHL yet.

Could you look past the hate and see Finger at half the salary with no outgoing assets needed to get him as a good idea?

Or, is a Maple Leaf coming direct to your team just too much to stomach, even if he might help the cause?

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