Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday facts

With the Rangers win over Toronto last night and an Islanders win over Tampa in OT, several interesting things happened:

1)  Toronto's surprising season opening points streak comes to an end;

2)  The New York Islanders - pre-season favourites to finish last in the NHL - take top spot in the East.

3)  The Ottawa Senators take up residence in the basement and winter approaches so it's getting rather chilly.

Leaf Nation is taking the Toronto loss without much complaint or concern because of the early success and, well, see pt. 3.  To this point, it's been pretty entertaining seeing the glee of the Blue & White drones and reading commentary about how it's so crazy-amazing, all this success.

We'll ignore further discussion on pt. 3 for now (15 games, folks, 15 games).  But have a look at this graphic of the standings for top and bottom 4 at present and the end of last year.   Three of last year's Eastern bottom feeders (TOR, NYI, TBL) are leading the East and two division leaders (NJD, BUFF) are catfish.    Florida & Pittsburgh are humorously consistent!

Question:  is Toronto all that special?

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